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Sponsorship Opportunities

House Club Tour™ extends the value of a social engagement platform via complimentary partner offerings and world-class support services that allow our partners to build new relationships and create more opportunities.


For HCT, community success is priority number one, and the House Club Tour™ Partner Network is key in helping us meet, and exceed, the unique needs of today’s digital marketers. Our dedicated partnership team continues to develop relationships with existing partners, as well identify additional organizations with products & services that will help further strengthen programs within our network.
As a sponsor, your business logo will appear on the HCT Website, as well as all social media posts.  Depending on your sponsorship level, your business will also get announced and highlighted at each of the various HCT venues throughout the night.  Additionally, your business will get a repeating "Shout Out" during the house mixes that are played on each of the 25 HCT buses!
For more info about how to become a sponsor for the 2022 House Club Tour, Email
Below are our core sponsors:
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